Build Your Business From The Brand Up

Building your company branding is one of the most important steps a business owner can take, and many overlook this vital step. Instead, they often forget that a professional appearance is vital to how a company looks to potential customers, and therefore has a massive sway over their buying potential.

With the help of a freelance graphic designer, and great graphic design skills, your company branding will become something customers remember and trust. Depending on how you wish to appear to your customers, bespoke and quirky, modern and contemporary, trustworthy and traditional, the right logo can make all the difference. Whether it’s logo design, business cards or promotional material, choosing the right branding early on makes all the difference.

Modern Logo Mockup
Logo Design

Your logo is the most important part of your company’s branding, as it is often the first thing a potential customer sees. It should tell the customer everything they need to know about what you do and what you sell. A great logo should stand out from the crowd to sell your company, but not distract from the products or services that you provide.

I can produce both simple text based typographical logos or more visual icon based logos. For all clients I produce a series of logo sketches and refine the logo design until it meets you expectations and needs.

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Modern Logo Mockup
Business Cards

Meeting potential clients and customers is an important part of business. Your sales pitch will make a impression on your customers, and influence their choice in buying your products. Your business card works as a lasting impression of your company. The design of your business card is key to leaving the right message about your business with the customer, and providing all the right information for them to contact you.

Unified Design

As a freelance graphic designer I can offer a wide range of ways to use your company branding that extends beyond logos and business cards. Letterheads, brochures and packaging are just a few ideas graphic design can help you bring to life. You can view my commissions page for information about what graphic design services I offer or contact me directly if you would like to discuss more bespoke needs.

Modern Logo Mockup
Client Commission

Contemporary trendy logo design for a digital company.

"Although we decided to go down a different route with our branding we loved the logo you did for us Helen, it's so modern."

− Joanna R
Graphic Design From My Portfolio

Griffin Coding Logo

22nd August 2015

Logo Mockup

26th October 2014