Freelance Illustrator

As a freelance illustrator I bring literature to life, whether it is a children’s book, book covers or an editorial piece designed to sit alongside a magazine article. My freelance illustration work is about helping the reader to visualize the scenery, characters or information described in a story or article.

Finn and Jake adventure time fanart
Children's Illustration

Written words are not enough to satisfy a child’s imagination, they need more visual cues to help them follow the narrative. I can provide full page illustrations, with digital or traditional mediums, that capture the scene whether it is a fantasy story for teenagers or a picture book for early readers.

Book Covers

They say never judge a book by its cover, yet the truth is potential readers will gravitate towards books with covers they find visually interesting, ignoring those which do not grab their attention. The cover has to simultaneously stand out among other books and give a clear idea of the genre, story and themes of the book.

I can provide blank imagery designed to be placed behind text, or I can produce a cover complete with title, author, publisher information, among other things. I can also provide dust jacket designs for hardback books.

bird studies crop
Editorial Illustration

Magazine articles and features sometimes require illustrative pieces or quirky characters to enhance the reading experience. These can be characters, creatures or objects illustrated in such a way as to capture the audience attention and make them read the article. If you produce a regular magazine why not get in touch to discuss freelance illustration for your editorials.

Purchased Illustration

Halloween themed painting purchased by the client to feature in a book.

My Zombietown illustration was purchased for publication in a clients book. The piece appears on page 72 of, Zombies: Fantasy Art, Fiction & The Movies (Gothic Dreams) by Russ Thorne and Rosie Fletcher, and accompanies the article "The Comic Dead" about the portrayal of zombies in comic books and graphic novels. The book aims to document the portrayal of zombies in many mediums from books and printed works to film and video games.

ISBN 978-0-85775-993-1

Illustrations from My Portfolio

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