Freelance Concept Artist

As a freelance concept artist I provide a personal, one-to-one, concept art creation service. Freelance concept art offers the client a chance to get to know me and my art style through the design process and builds a stronger working relationship important for any creative collaboration.

The Concept Art Process

My concept art takes two forms, one designed from your ideas and the other designed to give you ideas. In the first instance I can take a simple idea or fully written piece of literature and bring that idea to life with artistic visuals. This allows you to find the scene, the camera shots or establish the mood of your writing by commissioning artwork that gives the setting life. The first method gives you the opportunity decide the style and give clear art direction.

The second style of artwork allows me to use my creativity to produce artwork with more lose direction. From the concept art you can write your story or scene, these visuals act as a prompt to direct your creativity and through collaboration on the concept produce a more in-depth work.

The concept art is designed to bring ideas to the table quickly and cost effectively, if you need more elaborate and “well polished” art I can take the concept art you’ve commissioned and produce a final more detailed painting to capture the scene fully. Fully rendered artwork comes with an extra cost of commissioning but its production values add to any writing or other creative project.

As a freelance concept artist I can work on any size project, big or small, if you are interested in more of my freelance concept art check out my full portfolio or if you need a piece of bespoke concept art feel free to get in touch and discuss you needs.

Smugglers Cave

The first step of the concept art process is thumbnailing. These small, fast concept sketches act as rough ideas of the scene being portrayed. They quickly find the composition, angle, lighting and overall feel of the scene. Multiple images allow for rapid development of your ideas as it’s easy to pick the scenes you are drawn to first.

virtual plein air
Laying Down Base Shapes & Colours

Once the feel of the scene is established from it’s thumbnail, onto the blocking in process. This is where the primary values, shapes, tones and colours for your concept art are set more firmly. This further strengthens the design and allows me to move onto developing more intricate details and features.

the lake
Building Texture & Detail

Texture and detailing allows me to bring the concept art to life, suggesting the textures and materials that allow the artwork to have a strong believability, while keeping it loose enough to allow for a fast turnaround on the concept process.

Finishing Touches

Last minute tweaks, detailing and colour correction give the concept art its final polish. This is also the last opportunity to make any corrections or additions to the concept art before the work is completed and signed over.

Winter Landscape In A Dark World
Featured Artwork

The above artwork was featured in an article by featured my Winter Landscape In A Dark World concept art in an article about the "Spitpainting" group on Facebook. The Facebook group is a place for artist to practice their speed painting skills, spending no more than 30 minutes on any one piece. Each day the group posts a set of new themes for artists to paint, and artists can submit their art of any style to the group.

The original article can be found here on and the "SpitPainting" group can be found on Facebook

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