Freelance Logo Designer

As a freelance logo designer I can offer your business a chance to become a recognised brand and leader of your industry. A logo can define a business and make your name recognisable to customers and competition alike. With my logo designs I can help you to brand your new company or rebrand an established name.

Modern Logo Mockup
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Modern Logo Mockup
Iconic Logos
Griffin Coding illustrated logo
Illustrative Logos

The hand finished look of an illustrated logo is great for vintage, niche or grass-roots companies. Often seen as less corporate it can show your customers that your business is friendly and approachable. It can reflect the humble beginnings of your brand while still showing a level of class and care for your businesses appearance.

Griffin Coding illustrated logo
Illustrated Logo Design

Hand painted logo for a web design company.

I was approached by a customer who had seen my Fat Griffin illustration and wanted to use him for a logo. Through further discussion we established that having a bespoke logo for the company would be a better choice.

The logo was made to the clients specifications and reflects the original griffin while having its own unique design. Production time from start to finish was approximately 2-3 days.

Illustrations from My Portfolio

Griffin Coding Logo

22nd August 2015

Logo Mockup

26th October 2014